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Barben Analytical was organized in 2000 to market Ted’s new third generation concept in pH sensor technology. Continuing the unbroken tradition of innovation, the BAT Axial Ion Path® probe has been granted a patent for the revolutionary design that provides a quantum leap in ruggedness and durability.

Ted Barben is a true pioneer in Industrial Instrumentation. Holding a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from USC, Ted was one of the original founders of Universal Interloc, now the Uniloc division of Rosemount. Ted and his partners founded TBI in 1975 (he’s the “B” in TBI) to manufacture his revolutionary second generation “Solid State” pH sensor. After Bailey Controls acquired TBI, Ted created the third revolution in pH sensors using “Axial Ion Path®” technology and formed Barben Analyzer Technology in 2000 specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative analytical sensor technologies. In 2014 the company shortened the name to Barben Analytical.

1st Generation
“Double Junction” Reference
2nd Generation
“Solid State” Reference
3rd Generation
“Axial Ion Path®”

Ted Barben










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